Manitoba Lake Trout Fishing

Gods River Lodge, is one of the very few places where you can fish all these species. The fast flowing, cold water with abundant structure grows big fish! The structure means great variety. Fishing all these species can only be done at Gods River Lodge, where the water never freezes!!

For a World Class Fishing Adventure, come to God's River and God's Lake.

"Gods River is the top Natural Brook Trout Fishery in the World and is suited for both the fly fisherman and spin-casting!!" Video Available

Consult the FISHING SEASONS CHART below to find out the best time to catch the fish species you're after.

Then check the LIST OF FISHING TACKLE for suggestions on the lures you'll need.

Fishing Seasons

Dates Lake Trout Average Temp (F)
June 1-15 Excellent 55-75
June 16-30 Excellent 55-75
July 1-15 Good 65-75
July 16-31 Deep Good 65-75
Aug. 1-15 Troll/Down Riggers 65-80
Aug. 16-31 Troll/Down Riggers 65-80
Sept. 1-15 Excellent 45-65
Sept. 16-30 Excellent 40-55
Avg. wt. 12 - 15 lbs -

Fishing Tackle (please note that all lures/hooks utilized in Manitoba must be barbless)

LAKE TROUT Rapala's (large deep divers in various styles and color combinations); large spoons in various shapes and colors (i.e. Len Thompson #4, Eppinger Daredevle, Williams Whitefish, Gibbs Ruby Eye and Lucky Strike Canoe Spoons); herring rigs and large 1-3 ounce jigs with 4-6 inch plastic grubs/fish.

Please note that all Brook Trout are catch and release only. Since Gods Lake is listed as a conservation water all Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Walleye are governed by a slot size. That means that all fish in those species over a certain size must be released. Therefore all trophy sized fish must be released and given an opportunity to grow and be available to be caught by another trophy angler.

Our Tackle Shop does carry rods, reels, line and the lures that have proven to be most effective in our waters. Just ask your guide or at the Tackle Shop for advice for the species that you will be pursuing on that particular day.

Please remember to bring along medium to heavy spinning, casting and/or trolling rods and reels. Reels should be of sufficient capacity to accommodate test line in the 14-30 lb range. Fly rods should be in the medium/heavy weight range. It is adviseable to carry rods in a secure rod case and remember to bring a spare rod and reel. With the amount of fish that can sometimes be caught in a day some guests have indicated that their reels plain wore out.

For Northern Pike and Lake Trout one should utilize 20-30 lb 12-24 inch properly crimped leaders with bearing swivels. We cannot overstate how many trophy fish are lost due to a malfunction in the leaders/line utilized.

Bring spinning, trolling, casting and fly rods (July and August). Medium to Heavy tackle and line.

All Brook Trout catch and release only.

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